Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q. What Payment Processors do you accept?
A. Currently we accpet GooglePay, Skrill, Bitcoin, TransferWise and Payoneer. All payments will be made to email marculus.miller@evanscornerllc.org . Paypal is no longer accepted due to the scandal they are caught up in limiting members accounts.

Q. How much does this program cost?
A.  The Program cost is $3 per month

Q. What Products do you sale?
A. We sale the rental of our website, advertising banners, 3 Top of the line EBooks on List Building.

Q. Can I join as a FREE member?
A. You may join as a free member but will not have access to the site until you complete your registration paying $3/month.

Q. Can I still collect commissions if I cancel my subscription?
A. No! Commission are only for paying members. If you cancel your subscription you will be paid for the current month commissions only but all subsequent commissions will be paid to the new assigned sponsor.

Q. Why can't I download a csv file and not copy and paste?
A. We do not keep members information on file in the system, this is part of our personal security information of our members

Q. When do we get paid?
All withdrawal request received are now being paid out within 2-3 business days, sometimes the day of request.

Q. How do I qualify to be a "List Builder"?
A. Simple! Join Infinity List Builders. The cost is only $3 per month which covers website rental, promotional materials, and ebook purchases. Once you complete registration you are now a "List Builder". 

Q. What do I do as a "List Builder"?
A. You do exactly as your title says. Build your list. Promote on every site in your SAPE back office. Mailers, Social Media, basically everywhere. Welcome your new prospects and make sure they know how to get set up, even though instructions are very simple. They will help you grow your list and you will help your inviter grow theirs.

Q. What Is your Refund Policy?
A. Due to you having immediate access to the downloads of your digital products and your sponsor(s) being guaranteed their commissions and they are paid upon your completed registration., there is a NO REFUND policy. We want all our customers to be satisfied. If there is a problem with your digital purchase, we will replace it with the same kind of product or one with equal value. If you do not agree with our "No Refund Policy" please do not join our $3 program.

Q. How can I cancel my account?
A:  Click on contact us and send in a support ticket requesting to have your account deactivated. Then you must log into your payment processor and cancel subscription. Otherwise if the payment gets process we will activate your account for another 30 days or until it gets canceled again!

Q: How long does my account stay active after I cancel my subscription?
A: If you cancel your account voluntarily your account is immediately converted back to FREE status! If it is found that you violated our terms of service by trying to post porn sites, communicate threats to other members, being of ill character, or any othe malicious act your account is automatically deleted with out prejudice.